Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Facebook

As a person who owns an online business; your top priority is to get targeted traffic to your website. Without it your business is dead in the water. There are lots of methods to get this targeted traffic that your business so desperately needs to survive. There are social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and many more.

Or you can write articles about the services or products you are selling or promoting and place them on article publishing websites. This is a good way to advertise your website and also the products or services you are selling, but not everyone has a knack for writing. What if your gift is people skills instead?

You may enjoy talking to people, if so you might want to join social networking websites. One social networking website that is trendy at this time is Facebook. There are millions of people that subscribe to this website and millions more who are logging in and out every single day. With this quantity of people, you have to realize that this is in fact, an internet marketer's dream.

When you join Facebook, you can create a profile page for yourself. On this page you can state in essence, everything about you, so make sure to complete this step. It can contain your gender, age, your interests, as well as what you do for a living or what you do to supplement your income.

By e-mail invite all of your friends to your Facebook page and add them to your network. By building your network of friends, you will be able to access other social networks in Facebook. Here, you can start talking with other people, and even build new relationships and make new friends.

Begin to establish yourself and create a rapport with members within the Facebook community. Do this before you just jump in and start offering your products or services. Look for groups that have similar interest as yours and join them. Participate in the conversations, keep it real and just coast for a while.

Discuss things about their lives and interest and gradually you will be able in an around about way; to indirectly market your products or services to them. Just remember that you first need to establish relationships within the groups to be able to market effectively and to create trust within the Facebook community.

One of my favorite strategies is each day to be on the look out for conversations related to a ClickBank product that I promote. When I come across these conversations I'll simply step in and recommend that product in a helpful manner as a solution to a particular problem. The key is to offer it with a sincere desire to be helpful and not just peddling a product. Google alerts can help you with this strategy.

There are a number of ways that you can communicate on Facebook. You can syndicate your blog website using RSS, use the News Feed, or perhaps The Notes feature. All of these are very useful ways to market your products or services. The "wall" is another service that you can use to get known. It enables you to write on preferably friend's profiles.

It may take a while for you to get people in the Facebook community to trust you and get them to visit your website; but the good thing about it is that it's free and the most you'll invest is time. And if used correctly this time spent on Facebook can be very enjoyable.That along with the fact that with the amount of people using Facebook, it absolutely has a lot of potential for producing targeted traffic to your website.

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