Sesuai dengan judulnya diatas,Buxify emang mau merubah tampilan mereka dengan segera
Mungkin adminnya juga udah bosan kali dengan tampilan yang sekarang (hehehehe)
Tapi apakah akan berpengaruh juga pada penghasilan member?
Bisa ya bisa juga tidak,karena tidak ada yang pasti dalam bisnis PTC.
Infonya juga saya dapatkan ketika login ke website ini kok,sebenarnya emang udah lama mereka mau melakukannya,mungkin baru sekarang bisa terlaksana sekalian tampil beda ditahun yang baru nanti.
lebih jelasnya,silahkan baca pengumumannya dibawah.
Hi All,

Following to our previous news, we are about to introduce Buxify V2
with a totally new design, and a new script.

This change will be not a simple restyling of the site but a Full Upgrade of the Buxify System to the second generation.

There are a lot of things to do and due to the recent evolution (better say..a devolution) of this industry, we are constrained to apply the new modifications forced by the facts more than by our intentions..but now it is time to move because the system is not balanced anymore and the newcomers needs too many upgrades to get the profit while the old members are not achieving the max ROI.

To keep it short, this is happening because in consequence of the Alertpay Credit Card issue (FYI: they don't accept mastercard and VISA since over 2 months now!) we have faced two issues:

1. The Advertising money collections and the amounts invested are dropped down.
2. The cycle to load/unload the Alertpay accounts is far too long.

Why this should affect Buxify?

The first problem is easy to understand; we share part of the advertising profits with our Buxify members.
If there are a lot of advertising purchases we are able to invest and share more; if there are a few (as it is in this period), we are able to invest less and, obviously to share less money.

The second issue in more complicated to understand but it is also true that it is creating much more problems right now. You know that we are a profit sharing company and You know that we share ONLY our real profits and We share profits when we have the money in our Alertpay account.

In the past, we used several "tricks" to shorten our investment cycle time and load early the Alertpay account but now we are not able do it anymore;
that's why the dividends (I'm sorry to say it but it is true) are currently ridiculous.

We need a lot of time, much more than before, to get our Investment money "back" into our Alertpay account; from 25 to 40 days to finish the cycle.

This is how it works:

3-5 days to have the money in the bank account
7-25 days to invest the money and get profits 
3-4 days to collect the profits
2-5 days to have the money in the Alertpay account again.

These below are our steps of the migration from Buxify to Buxify V2:

- Buxify will be limited until the 2012.01.12 (expiration dates of the Upgrades postponed of   20 days, support disabled, dividends distribution disabled, upgrades disabled).

- Buxify V2 will start with the database of Buxify, cleaned from the inactive members.

- The members will finish their upgrades on buxify but the eventual next upgrade will be 
  possible only on Buxify V2.

- Once the members will be active only on Buxify V2, we will close Buxify.

I'm already hearing the rumors that will come out but we can only answer them with our hard work as we did since day one, We know that 20 days seems too long speaking from a member point of view but we are online since May 2008 and our target is to stay online for the years are coming.....from that point of view 20 days are nothing more than the time needed to.

After Xmas we will be more precise about the modifications and the timeline.

Happy Holidays

James and the Buxify Team 

Sekian dulu ya kabar dari saya,klo yang mau bergabung silahkan aja daftar lewat link dibawah ini,klo mau tanya,silahkan tinggalkan komentar dibawah.

2 komentar:

  1. Salam sob,
    Aku sih sekarang sudah jarang ikutan PTC karena sebagian besar PTC sudah menjadi scam. Kalaupun tidak nilai per kliknya keterlaluan nominalnya sedangkan nilai PO gede ditambah lagi kena fee PO.Jadinya kalau kita member free rugi waktu, kalau member sekelas gold mesti keluar biaya buat upgrade + sewa referal dan hasil yang didapat tidak sesuai dengan biayanya.Tapi thanks juga buat infonya.
    Salam sukses selalu ........

  2. @rija: saya juga sekarang selektif,mencurigakan dikit,langsung saya tinggal,klo jadi member free sih menurut ane ga bakalan dapat untung,terpaksa harus keluar modal dulu
    paling2 kayak neo,buxify,buxmatrix n incrasebux aja,sisanya tetap free
    lagian untuk sekarang,yang maih konsisten tuh yang pake sistem mini PTc n geotargeting aj sih sob,klo bux sih kayaknya saya udah ga minat,umurnya ga bakalan lama