How to Truly Succeed Online

If you are reading this article, it is because you truly have a desire to make money online. We will discuss the pitfalls that most of us find ourselves in on our road to success. After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of how to avoid those pitfalls and how to TRULY make money online. What are these pitfalls that most of us find ourselves in? 

1) FREE!
Lots of us want to join a FREE program to begin making money. We find ourselves believing that we will get something for nothing. Yes, yes, we are willing to work at it. We will work our little tails off if need be. But why does this not bring home the bacon so to speak.. If nobody is paying for anything, how are you going to make money? Let me be clear.. Lose the JOB mentality. We find ourselves believing that the harder we work, the more money we will make. With internet business, that is NOT true. In order to make money, somebody has GOT to pay. Join a paid program. 

2) Stop Jumping!
If I join THIS program...I will FINALLY make money..Nope..Let's try this one...Nope.....How about this one? Lots of us find ourselves in this rut. We join every program known to Internet Marketing and try to promote too much. Here's what happens when we try this technique...We forget what we have signed up for and lose track of what is advertised where. Some of us have even kept record of what we have joined and where we have advertised. Let's look at the problem with this approach. Although the Internet is World Wide...we all join the same Safelists and the same Traffic Exchanges. People will begin to realize that you are a jumper and nobody wants to follow someone who is uncertain of where they are going. Choose 1 a program and STICK TO IT! Once you begin making money with 1, it is fine to begin another. If you have multiple FREE programs...we recommend you drop those all together and ONLY promote a paid program. 

3) Residual?
Many of us find ourselves in a program that we pay a 1 time fee then in turn, ask others to do the same. The concept is that every time somebody pays, you earn partial to full profit. In order to do this, you must promote this program DAILY. There are other ways to market your opportunity, but these are the best. Unfortunately, we cannot always spend 8 hours a day to give proper credence to our opportunity. So how do we overcome this hurdle? With a residual income paid program. Yes, a program with a monthly payment..."Gasp!!" You mean I have to pay monthly!? YES! And so does everyone you show how to make money as well. Remember the Free concept and how it does not work. Here is how the residual program works. You earn a specified amount on your direct referral. This can be passed down to levels of infinity depending on the program and how you perform. Let me be sure you understand what I just said.. You make money because somebody else is paying..it comes in monthly as long as the person you recruited pays. The absolute beauty of this type of program is that it encourages you to help your referral make money. 

4) Patience Young Jedi..
Some of us expect to make money overnight without so much as lifting a finger. This will not happen. If you are a part of this crowd...enjoy your 9-5 JOB! You will NEVER make money online. If you TRULY want to be Financially Free, it takes perseverance. It takes work! Once you begin making money and building a referral list, you will be able to stop if you want to. After a while, your business practically runs on autopilot. Again....this does not happen overnight. If you want to make money online, then you have to work at it. 

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