The Seven Deadly Sins for Making Money Online

Making money online may seem a easy task but in reality takes a lot of planning and assessment to find the best strategies to use to be successful.You can wallow through the maze of information available on the net or you can learn from other peoples mistakes and save time, money and frustration. Here are seven deadly sins not to do. 

1) I can be successful with-out spending a dime.
Just like any business if you want to succeed in making money online there are some essential tools and resources you need to invest in. Think smart. Time is money. I spent months wasting my valuable time, and lets face it every-one time is valuable. Some selective.tools,software and resources are an essential investment that will save you time and money in the long-run. A lot of them you can get of the web for free, but the good ones you will have to pay. If you are really serious about making money just do it. 

2) Build your website yourself.
Unless you are an expert in web design - outsource it. There are plenty of website builders on the net that can build fantastic sites in the blink of an eye that will be far superior but ridiculously cheap.Do not be afraid to use people or companies from overseas. They are often one quarter if the cost because of the wage difference and can build to your requirements. All you need is good communication. Skype and live chat are excellent tools for this. 

3) Promote any Niche.
Like thousands of others before me I have been trying to make money on the internet.My first mistake was to buy a fairly expensive website with the niche World of Warcraft. My logic was, well up to 9 million people play this addictive online game surely I could sell some affiliate products associated to this niche. How wrong was I! Yes there may be millions of enthusiastic online gamers, but I soon discovered there was also virtually millions of websites that compete in that niche. You need a good search engine ranking.Face it,search engines are the benchmark for receiving traffic. You see about 80% of traffic to websites come from people doing searches for the products they want.The aim is to be listed on the first page when people search for your product or service. Choose wisely your niche.

The best recipe is to choose a niche that has a combination of popularity but in small competition. How do you find that elusive niche? Well you can go on guessing or scanning social media sites like Twitter, Google or Yahoo or you can save yourself a lot of time. Software such as Micro Niche Finder are invaluable for finding niches that will make you money. It also has a host of features such as keyword analysis, domain search, Clckbank popularity and many other applications. 

4) Do it all yourself.
I wasted thousands of hours and lots of money by trying to do everything myself. Think smart. It is much more efficient to pay some-one or buy software that does the job not only more efficiently but better. The quicker you can get the right result the quicker you will be making money that will pay for your initial investment over and over again. Of course it is essential not to spend a lot of money either; the trick is to know what is the best product or resource. There is literally a minefield of options on the web. Do yourself a favor and learn from my mistakes, it will save you lots of time,money and frustration. 

5) Make it harder then it really has to.
Again think smart. If you want to make quick money,it is not what you want to sell. The trick is to select what other people want. That is the key.Instead of marketing your own product consider becoming an affiliate web marketer. That is selling other peoples products and collecting commission. There are a host of affiliate sites, Amazon and Clckbank are the most popular and have a host of free resources. They are also free to join. 

6) Think you do not need a list.
To sell a product or service,whether it is your own own product that belongs to some-one else, you need customers. One of the best ways to get customers is to build a targeted list of potential clients. People that are already interested in your niche. There is an array of methods to do this. Article marketing, email marketing, surveys and opt in boxes on websites are good methods. Again out-sourcing or investing in good, trialed software will save you time and money. Twitter Marketing is the new exciting application to build a targeted list. 

7) I need a website.
Although I have outlined affordable ways to get a website up and running you do not necessarily need one! Apart from saving money websites do need the occasional maintenance and regular updating to be successful. Recently I came across some brilliant software that will use other peoples sites that have cost thousands of dollars in making and you will benefit buy reaping commissions as well as building a targeted list using the sensational Twitter social platform,. Think about it. Why spend your valuable dollars on a website when you can use profitable sites that you don't need to buy or maintain to make you money.Now that is really smart thinking. 
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